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  • We are a Toronto, Canada based fully, vertically integrated
    flexible packaging manufacturer.
  • Enterpreneurial spirit, with over 20 years same private ownership.
  • >140 employees at two Canadian non-union manufacturing plants.
  • Supplier to major Canadian customers in various market segments.
  • A stable, diverse company to help your company gain the competititve edge.

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Dedicated to Quality

  • Our facilities are industry leading compliant with internationally recognized
    ISO–9001:2008, ISO–22000:2005, HACCP certified.
    FSSC–22000:2010 Global Food safety standards, Pacsecure
  • Annually audited by independent world wide testing company Intertek, to assist us in continually evolving our quality systems and processes.
  • All products manufactured by Alte-Rego Corporation are traceable via lot coding on each individual case or roll.
  • Active Drug Master files listed with the USA Food & Drug Administration.
  • From the plant floor, laboratory, to top management, Alte-Rego Corporation is totally committed to producing high quality products.
  • An on-site, full service quality lab is maintained with all pertinent equipment to test dart, ultimate tensile, tear strength, elongation, optical gauge uniformity, coefficient of friction, sealability, haze, and melt temperatures.
  • We cater to our customers’ exact needs.
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Innovation –
Recipe for Success

  • Alte-Rego Corporation's history is dotted with successful innovtive breakthroughs and proven business strategies.
  • We maintain our own in house lab designed to develop and test new products, as well as inspect the quality of current production.
  • Committed to maintaining over 98% fill rate and on time deliveries for our customers exacting requirements in today's just-in-time protocols and changing market volumes.
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Manufacturing Profile

  • Alte-Rego Corporation maintains efficiency and innovation by the 19 blown film extrusion lines, not one of which is more than 10 years old.
  • Over 35 various high speed bag converting machines.
  • Multiple wide print web capability process printing presses on-site.
  • Most of our extrusion lines have inline printing capabilites.
  • Our operations are housed in two facilities that span over 150,000 square ft.
  • We employ over 140 personnel in our facilities.
  • Operations run 24/7, 355 days a year.
  • We are always searching for the newest technolgogies to introduce into our production systems, allowing us to stay ahead of our competition.
  • On-site technical Research & Development team to carry out new product development projects.
  • This allows us to service the complete film and bag needs of most customers.
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Sustainable Commitment

  • Custom engineered films and bags, in depth knowledge, and ever evolving product recipes ensuring the least amound of waste possible at the lowest possible material costs.
  • State of the art film extrusion and converting technology ensuring tight gauge control and high efficiency resulting in excellent quality while helps lower our carbon footprint.
  • Energy efficient production from deploying high speed, high output machinery reducing energy and overall emissions.
  • Zero waste in manufacturing from initiating repelletizing program to reuse all production scrap that we generate.
  • By focusing on sustainability in all facets of our process, we are able to lower cost, decrease waste, and lower our overall carbon footprint.
  • Continuous focus on these types of initiatives has kept Alte-Rego Corporation at the front end of innovation.
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Mission Statement

We will...

  • continue on our path to make the type of decisions and investments in people, equipment, facilities, systems and technology that are required to keep us as the "go to", "best-of-class" diversified manufacturer of flexible packaging in the Canadian marketplace.
  • continue to be well financed and a private company offering solutions to the markets that we serve.
  • Listen our customers, understand their needs, anticipate and accurately read the changing marketplace.
  • Learn ways to solve problems, unite our strength ingenuity, teamwork, and perseverance to produce bold innovations.
  • Lead ...the industry in technology, service, and new solutions.
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Giving Back

  • A major sponsor of Plan International. (over 45 active child sponsorships around the globe)
  • Further contributions every year that are tied to the growth of company fortunes.
  • Long time supporter of World Vision and CARE Canada for needy causes throughout the year
  • Regular contributor to local charities funding needs.

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Flexible –
Future Outlook

  • Maintain quality of product for function.
  • Competitive and sustainable prices for mututal benefit.
  • Broad product line to be the single source for all flexible packaging needs of the markets that we serve.
  • Provide exemplary customer support.
  • Alte-Rego Corporation maintains flexible manufacturing systems, allowing us to be more responsive and adaptable to customer needs.
  • Strive to provide flexible packaging solutions that are suited to your particular needs.
  • Alte-Rego Corporation will always maintain its credibility in providing products and technologies that are proven to be sound.
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"Go–to" Market Strategy

  • Realization that there are a large number of competitors in the plastics flexible industry.
  • Focus on differentiation and "standing out from the crowd" by focusing on the technology, quality, and specialization.
  • Deliver on the commitment of deploying technological expertise and equipment of a large corporation, while giving the attention and suport of an entrepreneurial small company.
  • Provide individual attention to all customers.
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Information Systems

  • A completely integrated enterprise system for real time flow of information and meaningful answers to customer queries.
  • Allows all related departments to ensure the seamless flow of orders into production, and then final packaging and shipping.
  • Full EDI facilities deployed for ease of communications with customers from order entry, packaging slip, delivery notice, electronic invoicing, to electronic fund transfer.
  • Extensive and meaningful reports available for business and competitive analysis.
  • Vendor management facilities and protocols exist for true end–to–end traceability and responsibility.
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Our Clients

Our commitment to excellence has been recognized and rewarded.

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