4 reviews for Tamper Evident Food Delivery bags

  1. Chris P – CEO Fat Bastard Burrito Co. (Over 50 locations across Ontario)

    Our Custom Branded Alte-Rego Tamper-Evident Bag has been a huge success among our store
    owners and more importantly, our customers.
    It’s a cost-effective solution that has proven to be very easy for the Staff to work with.
    Feedback from customers has been outstanding! Simply put, it has eliminated any concerns
    customers have with Food Delivery Company Drivers tampering with our products.
    When we launched this product, complaints about missing food items stopped.
    It seals well, is strong enough to take the abuse that food drivers offer and is easy for customers
    to open.
    A great product !!

  2. Mrs. Rafat

    These Tamper evident bags have been a hit among my customers. I have a small food delivery business and missing food and contamination was a major concern for me and my customers. The strong seal of these bags ensures safe food delivery with no possibility of any tampering by the Food delivery drivers.
    My customers have been really satisfied since I started using them for my food deliveries. These bags are amazing!
  3. KC

    Received my Ubereats order today and was pleasantly surprised to find it in this secured packaging!!
    I like that it’s sealed and made from plant-based materials. Really great product and I hope more restaurants use it! Only one question tho… is this recyclable? Compostable? Or do I throw it in the garbage?…this was the reason I didn’t give it a 5 as it is not labelled.
  4. Amar – India’s Taste Restaurant

    Customers have been really satisfied since I started using them for the food deliveries.
    These bags are amazing!

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